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iPhone XR User Guide and Manual Instructions for Beginner’s

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iPhone XR user guide becomes to be really important concerning anyone who owns the iPhone XR but doesn’t understand how to set up this new iPhone, to work with. Of course, the user guide given requirement be performed. It covers installing the additional accounts you might possess such as Apple ID, inserting the SIM card, verifying Touch ID and Siri is working. You may download various updated apps and also games to play with, make sure that FaceTime and iMessage stay working then you can join your family and friends.

iPhone XR user guide must obtain the first thing you need after you buy the phone. It can be so because, without the user guide, it will be difficult for you to find working this phone correctly. This is the official user guide for iPhone XR in English provided from the manufacturer.

  • iPhone XR User Guide on iBooks here.
  • iPhone XR User Guide on Web Based here.

iphone xr user guide

How to Get iPhone XR Owners Manual iOS 13.5 and Save it into Your Device

Apple offers its official iPhone XR user manual accessible for free in digital formats. After you download it, you can read it at any time even if your iPhone isn’t connected to the internet. Here’s how to get it.

  • From you iPhone, open safari and follow the corresponding section to the free iBook user manual for iPhone XR HERE.
  • You can download the free iBook user guide on your iPhone.
  • After clicking the link before, follow the prompts to download the free iPhone XR instructions with iBooks.

iphone xr user manual

  • Tap Open on your iPhone to pull up the iPhone XR owners manual in iBooks. Next tap Get, you may need to enter your Apple ID and password. Once the user manual is downloaded to your device, you can select Read as shown above.
  • On your iPhone, after the user manual is downloaded into your iBooks, it should automatically open, tap Read one more time.
  • Don’t forget to tap the screen in iBooks to show the menus to view at the table of contents, change fonts, and search the user guide. See for the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to explore.

iPhone XR User Guide Information Details

Ming-Ching-Kuo, a TF International Securities analyst, states that it will sell well on the market. The reason is Apple sells it with the cheapest price than the other iPhone X series. Besides that, the device also has lots of supporting features. Nowadays, people are looking for a device with the new physical shape, bigger screen, dual SIM, and the longer battery life. Apparently, this iPhone XR is able to fulfill their desire. Therefore, the pre-order will run perfectly and success. Kuo also estimates that Apple is going to increase the shipping from between 33-35 million units into 36-38 million units.

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As your information, the iPhone XR, indeed, does not have better water resistance than the XS and XS Max. It also differs on the screen panel technology and the camera system.  It perhaps makes the device has a more affordable price starting from $749 where the XS series is $999. Nonetheless, it keeps has many features which will make you satisfied. You should know that the XR, at least, emerges with superior battery life.  Well, you already understand the difference of those iPhone X. How about the usage of the iPhone XR for a beginner?

iphone xr

Before talking about it, let’s find out the description of the iPhone first. You should know that the device comes from the same inspiration with the previous XS series. It uses Face ID, movement navigation, and A12 Bionic chip system. It also involves the LCD screen with 6, 1 inch and the one unit of the rear camera (12 MP). The iPhone XR has the bigger pixel and the better sensor. Additionally, it comes with variant colors such as blue, coral, red, and yellow. iPhone XR does not come with home button, if you want turn your iPhone XR to off, here’s the guide.

Generally, the iPhone XR not too differs from the previous X series. Below is the more specification of the iPhone XR:

  • Open the iPhone from the Face ID [Learn how to setup Face ID on your iPhone XR]. Yeah, you quite use your face to open it. Obvious, the Face ID is also to confirm the cellular payment. The iPhone does not have a home button and changes with Touch ID.
  • The iPhone XR comes with three options with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage capacity.
  • Each capacity gives various prices such as the 64GB comes with $749. Then, 128 GB has $799, and the 256 GB is $899.
  • iPhone XR runs the iOS 12.
  • The display comes with 6.1 inches and the resolution is 828 x 1792 pixels. The technology involves IPS LCD and a Screen-to-body ratio is 79.24%. It has the peak brightness of 625 cd/ m2 (nit). Then, the features are the scratch-resistant glass, proximity sensor, oleophobic coating, and ambient light sensor.
  • Besides it has the 12-megapixel rear camera, it completes the features with the Quad LED flash. The Aperture size is F1.8, the focal length is 28 mm until 35 mm equivalent. The pixel size is 1.4 μm.
  • Hardware features use Optical image stabilization, Sapphire crystal lens cover, the Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), and Autofocus (Phase detection).
  • Video recording is 3840×2160 (4K) (60 fps)
  • The front camera uses 7 MP and the feature is HRD (High Dynamic Range).
  • In the design, it comes with the dimension of 5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches (150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm).
  • The Weight reaches 6.84 oz (194 g) where the average is 5.8 oz (167 g).
  • The main body takes glass as the material and the accents use aluminum.
  • It is water and dust resistant
  • The IP certified is IP 67 and it has Biometrics of Facial recognition.
  • System chip uses A 12 Bionic APL 1W81.
  • The capacity battery is 2949 mAh.
  • Music playback is until 65.00 hours.
  • The connectivities are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Apple Pay, GPS, NFC, UMA, Tethering, Cell ID

Actually, there are still many specifications or features of iPhone XR. You can read the detail information the iPhone XR user guide after you buy it later. So, you have to make the plan to order it before it releases. Then, prepare your money to get it and feel greatness soon.

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