disable keyboard capitalization on iphone xr

How to Disable Keyboard Capitalization on iPhone XR

Understanding about how to disable keyboard capitalization on iPhone XR is very important for you. When you decide to buy this iPhone, it means that you will face some features that you may not know before. One of the features that you can meet is about capitalization. Yes, this feature is usually set from the factory settings to automatically occur. When you do not need it, it may sometimes bother your activities, especially while typing.

The question is, have you known or not how to turn it off? Have you known this matter on others iPhone, for example how to turn off auto capitalization iPhone iOS 11? If you have never known about it, you can try the steps below to turn automatic capitalization on your Apple iPhone XR.

disable keyboard capitalization on iphone xr

The brief steps to disable keyboard capitalization on iPhone XR

When you decide to disable keyboard capitalization on your iPhone XR, there are a few steps you can do. You can follow the tips below to easily disable your keyboard capitalization. Here they are.

  • Open iPhone’s settings

To do this way, you can start to find the icon of Settings from the home screen of your iPhone. Just and touch the icon to open it.

  • Go to general settings

After tapping the Settings and it is opened, there will be some options to choose from. In this section, you can tap on the General Settings. Then, after choosing it, you can follow the next step.

  • Click on the keyboard option

When you have been successful going to the general settings, you should, then, choose the keyboard option. Just tap it to go to the next step.

  • Find the auto-capitalization option

After you get into the keyboard section, then you can go to the auto-capitalization. In this section, you almost finish reaching your goal.

  • Switch to turn it off

When the keyboard capitalization is on, you can toggle this option to turn it off. Make the color from green to white.

  • It finishes

After you have toggled the green to white, it means that you have disabled the keyboard capitalization. Then, you can click the back button and start writing without experiencing automatic capitalization keyboard. Have a nice try!

Yes, that is about the steps to disable keyboard capitalization on iPhone XR. It will be, hopefully, a useful reference for you. You can try these ways when you do not need to have automatic keyboard capitalization while writing.

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