enable smart HDR on iPhone XR

How to Enable Smart HDR on iPhone XR in Easy Ways

Hi iPhone lovers. Are you still holding your lovely phone? If so, let’s talk about it further. Lately, there is an incredible smartphone of iPhone which can make you feel enjoyable while using it. Yes, it is iPhone XR. In this iPhone, there are some features that can be said as enjoyable modern to operate. It is called smart HDR. With this feature, you can make your photos more beautiful and inviting to see. You can make it happen only by tapping a few buttons. Have you known the ways to do it?  If you have not known it yet, now you can try the tips to enable smart HDR on iPhone XR in brief steps.

enable smart HDR on iPhone XR

Steps to enable smart HDR on iPhone XR

Talking about enabling the smart HDR on your iPhone XR, it is not so difficult to make it happen. You can do three steps to function this feature. Thus, your photos will look clearer and have better quality than the standard photos you take. These are the ways to enable the smart HDR on your iPhone XR.

  • Click settingssmart hdr iphone xr

As the ways to set other features, you can start setting your HDR by clicking on the Settings option. You can find it on your home screen. It is usually shown in a gear symbol. When you have found the icon meant, you can just tap on it and see the options appeared afterward. When you see some options, you can, then, follow the next step.

  • Go to the section of the camera

After you click the Settings, you can, now, find the camera that is appeared with some other options. When you have found it, just tap on it. After you get into the camera section, then, you can follow the next step. After going to the camera section, it means that your goal is almost there.

  • Toggle the Automatic HDR choice

In the camera section, there are some choices you can toggle. To make the smart HDR activated, then, you can toggle it to turn it on. After you do it, you can, now, enjoy beautifully better photos every time you capture. It is an interesting feature, isn’t it?

Well, that is all about the smple tips to enable smart HDR on iPhone XR. Hopefully, it will help you so much when you need to make it happen on your iPhone XR.

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