How to Get The Home Button Back on iPhone XR Easily

A home button is one of the most important buttons for the phone, including iPhone XR. You can use it to go to the home screen directly with a single tap from what you are doing. So, you may get difficulties when this button is unresponsive. Then, you need to know that the home screen on iOS is a physical button. In this matter, the home button in the iPhone XR will always there for you. However, sometimes the button can be unresponsive due to certain problems. Have you ever been confused by this condition? Have you ever thought to get iPhone home button alternative? If so, it is the right time for you to learn how to get the home button back on iPhone XR.

get the home button back on iphone xr

Tips to Get the Home Button Back on iPhone XR

When you need to get the home button back on iPhone XR, there is a brilliant way to do. It is very easy to do. You can only add the touch screen home button on your iPhone XR. How to make it happen? Just follow the tips below.

  1. Open Settings.

First, you need to go to the Settings. Find and open it.

  1. Go to general and followed by choosing accessibility.
  2. Find and click on the AssistiveTouch.

In this step, you should scroll down from the Accessibility you choose to the section marked INTERACTION. When you have done this action, you can tap on the AssistiveTouch to go to the next step.

iphone xr assistive touch

  1. Activate the AssistiveTouch.

To make the AssistiveTouch active, you can toggle it to the green On position.

  1. Manage the AssistiveTouch for the Home Button.

iiphone xr virtual home button

After you activate the AssistiveTouch, there will appear a white circle with a grey box around the screen. You can click it to make it expanded. When it expands, you can find the home button application which the functions are the same with the physical home button. So, you can still use the home button even though your iPhone XR experience a problem with the physical button.

Those are the tips to get the home button back on iPhone XR you can follow. They will be so helpful while your phone is getting trouble with the physical home button. Yes, that is all about the simple tips about making home button back for your iPhone. Hopefully, it will be useful for you every time you need a help to make it happen.

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