hard reset iphone xr

How to Hard Reset iPhone XR with Easy and Safe Steps

Are you one of the iPhone XR users? If it is right, it is better for you to learn how to hard reset iPhone XR because it is very important to do. It is possible that some of you might be wondering the ways in doing hard reset on your iPhone XR. Actually, a hard reset or also usually called as force restart is little different to the other devices. Do you ever do it on another device, for instance, factory reset locked iPhone? If you never do it, the explanation below will help you in doing a hard reset process on your iPhone XR.

hard reset iphone xr

Three Simple Steps to Hard Reset iPhone XR

When we talk about the steps of how to hard reset iPhone XR, you need to know something. It is that there are three easy steps that you have to do. Have you ever known about it, guys? If it is the first time for you, please have a great attention to these following discussions! Here are the three steps in doing a hard reset on your iPhone XR

  1. Press the Volume Up Button

Well, the first step that you should do is that pressing the button of Volume Up. After that, you can release it as soon as possible. Please remember that you have to convince this step is finished fast and well.

  1. Press the Volume Down Button

Then, the second step of doing a hard reset is pressing the button of Volume Down. Next, it is same as the first step which is releasing that button. Also, please make sure that this second step is finished quickly.

  1. Press and Hold the Side Button

We come to the last step of doing a hard reset on the iPhone XR. In this step, you have to press and hold the Side Button on your iPhone XR. When you find the slide to the power Off interface, just ignore it. So, what should you do after that? Please keep pressing the Side Button until the logo of Apple appears on the screen of your iPhone XR. So, you can safely release the Side Button. Also, you are allowed to follow the next process in order to continue it well.

Those are the three easy steps to hard reset iPhone XR that you can learn. After learning it, we are hoping that you are able to master and understand it as well as you can. Thus, you have the ability to apply it to your own iPhone XR. Have a good try!

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