add third party keyboard apps on iphone xr

How to Add Third Party Keyboard Apps on iPhone XR Easily

iPhone always gives you amazing features to complete your day. Now, you can use nice keyboards from Apple. You can use this features by adding third-party keyboard apps on iPhone XR. You do not know the way? Okay, you can follow the steps here. There are so many applications can you used for your Apple Keyboard. Now, you can learn how to install and add the third-party keyboard apps for your Apple. It is not difficult and just spending a short time only.

Installing and Adding Third Party Keyboard Apps on iPhone XR

Well, the third-party keyboard is used by iOS 13. For you who use iPhone XR, you can update your keyboard to iOS 8. Have you updated your iPhone device to iOS 13? Absolutely not! Some users often ask how to activate a third-party keyboard that has been downloaded? Well, this time the MakeMac team will discuss a complete tutorial to activate, use and delete the keyboard.

add third party keyboard apps on iphone xr

So, you can follow the steps to download & Activate Third Party Keyboard apps below.

  1. Download third-party keyboard applications on the App Store directly from the device. You can also download via iTunes on a computer and then sync to move it to your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now activate the keyboard and give access rights to enter. Open the Settings> General> Keyboard application> Add New Keyboard.
  3. Select the keyboard you want to use from the list of third-party keyboards. It’s time to give access rights to run the features they have in full.
  4. Enter the keyboard settings you just added. Enable Allow Full Access. After that, a warning window will appear, select Allow.
  5. You can adjust the order of the keyboard that has been activated by pressing the Edit button in the upper right corner and then adjust the keyboard sequence by dragging the three-line button.
  6. Exit the Settings application and now it’s time to make settings from the keyboard application. For the record, not all third-party keyboard applications require additional settings in the application.

 Now, you can try third-party keyboard Apps on your iPhone

  1. Open a messenger application like WhatsApp or maybe a simpler Notebook.
  2. Tap the globe icon at the bottom left to move from a keyboard to another. Well, this is where you need to make a list of third-party keyboards well and according to your taste.
  3. You can move quickly by holding the globe icon. Once held, a small box with the keyboard list will appear, still press and hold your finger on the screen. Release the touch on the screen after your finger is at the right choice.

Unfortunately, this feature can only be enjoyed on Apple’s default keyboard display and some third-party keyboards. Adding third-party keyboard apps on iPhone XR is easy right? Try it now.

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