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How to Use and Optimizing the Optical Zoom on iPhone XR

optical zoom on iphone xrAre you one of the people who use iPhone XR? If you are, you must ever experience the great performance of this phone. One of the great performances of this phone is the iPhone XR camera. You can use it to capture anything to get amazing pictures. One of the special qualities of this device’s camera is the existence of an optical zoom and also Smart HDR. You can use it when you want to compose the image. Also, you can use it to especially shoot a subject from far away. With it, the image can look clearer with a good quality. Then, do you know how to use Optical Zoom on iPhone XR? If you do not, just take a look the explanations below and follow the steps.

The steps to Use Optical Zoom on iPhone XR you can follow

  1. Open the Camera

First of all, you can open the Camera. Just find the Camera icon and tap on it to open.

  1. Swipe to the options you want

In this step, you can choose to swipe the camera to the option of Photo, Square, or even Pano. You can choose which you want.

  1. Click the button and swipe to increase zoom

To increase zoom of the picture in the camera, you can click once the button. Then, you can swipe to the left after clicking to increase the zoom. In this matter, you can set the zoom as you need. So, you can choose the most appropriate spot to capture the image clearly although the subjects are far away.

  1. Tap zoom button to return

After you get the picture you want with optical zoom, you can return by tapping again on the zoom button. Then, you can take pictures with an appropriate look.

Seen from the steps above, it is so easy to use optical zoom on the iPhone XR. So, just use the feature provided by iPhone to make the performance of your phone better. Also, you can use every feature on your iPhone to fulfill your need in this new era. One of the common needs that people want lately is to get good quality of pictures you want. So, you can use this feature to make it happen to you.

Well, that is all about the steps of how to use Optical Zoom on iPhone XR. With it, hopefully, it can help you try to operate your camera better to get a better picture as well.

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