pair iphone xr with bluetooth earbuds

How to Pair iPhone XR with Bluetooth Earbuds Less in 3 Minutes

How troublesome when we have to use ordinary earbuds. Long cable sizes usually only interfere with appearance and are troublesome. However, the use of earbuds is very frequent for humans now. This is because these accessories help them with various things. For example, communicating, listening to music, videos, and others. However, now there is a new breakthrough that will make everyone agree. The iPhone XR has provided Bluetooth earbuds to make your private activity more flexible. Then how to install it? Is this the same as how to pair iPhone X with bluetooth headphones? Okay, you need to learn how to pair iPhone XR with Bluetooth earbuds now.

pair iphone xr with bluetooth earbuds

Steps to Pair iPhone XR with Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds or earphones with long cable are very annoying. You cannot move freely while sitting, standing or lying down. Okay, soon leave the old accessories now. Replace it with bluetooth earbuds which is suitable for your iPhone XR. This is really the best solution to listen to whatever you want. This type of earphone comes with a simpler form without a long cable. So you just attach it to your ear and connect it to Bluetooth on your iPhone.

iphone xr bluetooth settingBesides being suitable for all activists, this tool also has an easy storage method. It just needs some small spaces to store such as a wallet or the other small boxes. You do not need to fold it when you save it. On the contrary, you will also not bother to stretch the cable when using it. So, how to pair this tool? Well, follow these steps below:

  • Find out the “Setting” in your iPhone. Then select “General” and go on “Bluetooth”.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth first and let iPhone search for your device automatically.
  • Place your Bluetooth earbuds into pairing mode.
  • Maybe your iPhone will ask for a password. Enter 0000. Not all earbuds or headsets require a password.
  • Earbuds are ready to use after the name of your earbuds has a connected status.

Every electronic product always tries to give the best. They always come up with new innovations that make it easier for human activities. The existence of Bluetooth earbuds is certainly very useful for you. Therefore, do not ignore to pair your iPhone XR with bluetooth earbuds. The earbuds and the iPhone XR are the perfect pairs. Both come to accompany your end and the beginning of the year. This sophisticated electronic device comes in low budget but it keeps extraordinary. Did you know that today (October 19, 2018) is the pre-order of the iPhone XR?

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