record 4k videos on iphone xr

How to Record 4K Videos on iPhone XR? Find the Tips Here

Are you one of the people who use iPhone XR? If so, you can do some great things with your smartphones. It has some brilliant features, including the camera. Its camera is very great to take picture and record video. For you who like to record video, this smartphone can be the right choice for you. It can record standard video which is up to 60 fps and can also do for 4K high-quality video. So, when you want to change the video to 4K , you can easily do it with this iPhone XR. In addition, as the users, do you know how to record 4k videos on iPhone XR? If you don’t know, you can follow the explanations below.

record 4k videos on iphone xr

The Simple Ways to Record 4K Videos on iPhone XR

If you look for the way of how to record videos in 4K on iPhone XR, it is the right time for you. Below are some simple steps to follow.

  1. set camera to 4k on iphone xrSet the Camera

Firstly, you need to set the camera before starting to record the 4k video. To set the camera, you need to do some steps below.

  • Open the Settings app

You can go find the settings icon on your phone. Then, tap it to open.

  • Click on Photos and Camera

After you open the Settings app, you can choose the options “Photos and Camera”.

  • Click on Record Video

Then, you can continue this way to set up the camera by clicking on the “Record Video”. In this step, you can tap the option of video recording you like. To make the setting available for the 4K video, you can change the standard setting on the Record Video to 4K option.

  1. Record 4K Video

Secondly, you can record the 4K video after you finish setting the camera. To record video, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open the Camera

From your home screen, just find the camera icon and open it.

  • Switch to Video Mode

When you open the camera and it is on the photo mode, you can switch it to the video mode. You can make it happen just by swiping from the left to the right across the bottom.

  • Start recording

To start recording, you can just tap the Record button. When you want to stop the process of recording, just press the Stop button.

Well, that is all about how to record 4k videos on iPhone XR for you. Hopefully, it can be the right reference to do these ways by yourselves.

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