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How to reset iPhone XR? Find the Easily Ways Here!

iPhone XR is one of nice gadget from Apple. You can do many wonderful things with this phone. Sometimes, you need to reset your phone to make it perform better. So, do you know how to reset iPhone XR? It is not difficult. You just need to follow some ways step by step to make the process of resetting phone quickly. Well, please try nice way in resetting iPhone complete from MacPoin here. You will get a wonderful result and your phone will work amazingly after it.

Simple Steps to Reset iPhone XR By MacPoin

Reset iPhone can be the ultimate weapon for those of you whose iPhone is problematic, especially those caused by software problems. This is because after resetting the iPhone will be refreshed – just like a new operating system reinstalled. Besides that, resetting your iPhone also needs to do before you sell your iPhone, or after buying an iPhone second. Well for those of you, who don’t know how to reset iPhone, please follow the iPhone reset tutorial from the following MacPoin:

  • Firstly, you can prepare yourself to reset your iPhone. Make sure that your iPhone battery is full before resetting. Then, preparing an internet connection.
  • The next way is opening “Settings”. You have to open Setting, then general, and select Reset
  • Then, selecting the iPhone Reset Type. There are many Reset iPhone options that will be displayed, starting from just resetting the settings, resetting all settings and content, etc. In many cases, resetting all settings and content is necessary. So choose to Erase All Content and Settings to do it.

reset iphone xr

  • Enter Passcode & Password As a security. You will be asked to enter a passcode. Just enter the passcode on your iPhone to continue the iPhone reset process.
  • After that, the iPhone Erase button will appear, just select it.
  • For security, the iPhone will ask for an Apple ID password. Just enter your Apple ID password to continue Reset iPhone, and then press Erase.
  • Wait for the iPhone Reset Process to Complete After that the iPhone reset process will begin. You just wait for the process to finish.
  • Next, set up iPhone. After resetting process is complete, you just have to set up the iPhone like when you bought it when it was new. Select the language, region, to enter Touch ID and Passcode.
  • After that, there will be an option to restore data from iTunes, iCloud, migrate from Android, or set up as a new iPhone.

You prefer to choose setup as a new iPhone because the results are fresher. Just choose according to your needs. So, that’s some ways on how to reset iPhone XR. Try it now.

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