see battery percentage on iphone xr

How to See Battery Percentage on iPhone XR Only in Three Touches

For the people who have high activity with their smartphone, the battery percentage is very important.  Meanwhile, several iPhone products do not show it anymore. Sometimes, it makes the users worry in case their device suddenly dead when they use it. Nowadays, the loss of the battery percentage is viral for the iPhone X series from Apple. Obvious, they want to know how to see battery percentage on iPhone XR. On the other hand, they also need to know about how to see battery percentage on iPhone X series. Do not worry! Both the iPhone XR and the other X series have the easy way to expose it.

Steps to See Battery Percentage on iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Why does it should the iPhone XR? Meanwhile, Apple has just launched two X series in September. It implies that the iPhone XR is the last product which, in fact, it releases the pre-order today (October 19, 2018). Additionally, this device emerges with the cheaper cost but the quality is no need to be in doubt. It has a smart HDR front camera with 12MP and the rear camera is 7MP. The front camera has a portrait mode where you can well image from the several combinations.

see battery percentage on iphone xr

Talk about the battery of the iPhone XR, the quality is more superior to the previous X series. It gives the users the longer battery life so they can operate it longer. Besides that, the durability of the battery is also very properly. Of course, it makes you feel relief to choose the iPhone. If you want to show the battery percentage in your screen, you quite follow these steps:

  • Click “Edit” and add the new key screen.
  • Add “Widgets” and press “More Widgets”.
  • Click the icon next to the battery.
  • Then, you will see the battery percentage after the procedure finish.

By the way, to see battery percentage on iPhone XR is also same with the XS and XS Max. How lucky you can have this iPhone. Moreover, the device comes to the market from $749 until $799. Yeah, it depends on the internal storage capacity. The highest price, obvious, keeps cheaper than the previous X series.

With the iPhone, you will produce lots of beautiful images. Even though, the most important thing is you keep produce it without worry. You will spend your happy time without worry to run out of battery. Great!

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