set up face id on iphone xr

How to Set up Face ID on iPhone XR with Easy Steps

Apple always improves the quality of its devices’ feature well. Like what has come to the iPhone XR, Face ID. Several times ago, some people may have good news of the existence of fingerprint scanner in their iPhone. Lately, they can be amazed at the coming of Face ID in this iPhone. The question is, how to set up Face ID on iPhone XR? The ways to do it might be the same as what you should do in other iPhones. For instance, it is the same as how to set up Face ID on iPhone 8 or other different types of iPhone. To know the ways to do it is very important to keep your privacy in your iPhone stay safe.

set up face id on iphone xr

Simple ways to Set up Face ID on iPhone XR

Since knowing how to set up Face ID on iPhone XR, it is a must for you to learn it well. So, you can do it by yourselves anytime you need. As the iPhone XR users, especially who have not known the way to set up face ID yet, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings

First, you can go to the Settings. Just find the icon of Settings from your home screen. After finding it, then you can tap it.

  1. Click Face ID & passcode

After you tap the Settings icon, there will appear some choices. Find and tap the Face ID & Passcode.

  1. Enter your passcode

In this section, you need to enter your passcode you have made. You need to do it in order to be able to follow the next step.

  1. Click “Setup an alternative appearance”

The fourth step you should do is to click the choice that says “Setup an alternative appearance”.

  1. Click on get started on the “How to setup face ID” window

In the process of registering face ID, you need to do this step before registering it and save as your iPhone ID.

  1. Register Face ID and save it

The last step is to register your Face ID. To make it registered on your iPhone, then don’t forget to save it. After it finishes, your iPhone has contained the Face ID that only you can open and operate the features in your iPhone XR.

well, that is all about the simple instructions of how to set up Face ID on iPhone XR. You can follow it if you need.

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