set up passcode on iphone xr

How to Set Up Passcode on iPhone XR to Protect Your own Data

Do you have a want to recognize the methods of how to set up passcode on iPhone XR? It should be like that because it is important to do by the iPhone XR’s owner. It’s done in order to protect your own iPhone XR. On the other hand, if you forgot iPhone passcode that you have, don’t worry! We are going to help you in informing the three methods in setting up the passcode. So, if you are one of the iPhone XR owners, you have to pay attention to these following guiding methods.

 set up passcode on iphone xr

The Three Easy Methods to Set Up Passcode on iPhone XR

In relation to the methods about how to set up passcode on iPhone XR, there are three methods that you should know. You are able to use iCloud, iTunes, or the recovery mode method. Thus, let’s check it one by one clearly!

  1. setup passcodeUsing iCloud

The first method that you can use to set up a passcode is using iCloud. You’re allowed to do it by following this steps. First of all, you have to establish that your iPhone is connected to the internet. Then, you can go to iCloud Find and please sign in the ID and password that you have in the Apple account. After that, you should tap and select “All Devices” on your screen of iPhone. So, you are able to click “Erase”. Just wait for the completing process until you find two options, Set Up or Restore from backup.

  1. Using iTunes

The first step if you use the iTunes method is that you have to connect your iPhone to the computer. You can do it by connecting using the USB cable. Then, please open the application of installed iTunes on your PC. After that, the iTunes will sync and start doing a backup process. After finishing that process, just click Restore. Thus, you are allowed to set up a passcode on your iPhone XR.

  1. Using Recovery Mode

Connecting your iPhone to the computer is the first step if you use recovery mode method. Then, force restart and you will find the recovery mode screen. Finally, after the process of downloading and installing software of new iOS finished, you can set up a passcode on your iPhone.

How to Change Passcode on Your iPhone XR

turn off passcodeIf you want to change your passcode, just go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and you will find several settings and options:

  • Turn Passcode Off: Tap this option to turn off your passcode.
  • Change Passcode: Enter a new six-digit passcode. Or tap Passcode Options to switch to a four-digit numeric code, a custom numeric code, or a custom alphanumeric code.
  • Require Passcode: As soon as you lock your screen, the default for this setting will ask you to enter your passcode to unlock. If you don’t want an immediate passcode requirement, change this setting. (For your own security, if you use Touch ID or Apple Pay, you can’t change the immediate passcode requirement).
  • Allow Access When Locked: Use this option to allow access to some features when your device is locked, including Today View, Notification Center, Siri, Reply with Message, Control Center, Wallet, and USB accessories.
  • Erase Data: Choose whether to erase your device automatically after ten failed passcode attempts. If you don’t enable this option, your device will need to be restored in iTunes after ten failed attempts.

That’s all the methods to set up passcode on iPhone XR. You are allowed to choose one of the methods which you want. Remember, all of them are very easy to do, right?

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