share location on iphone xr

How to Share Location on iPhone XR by Using Family Sharing

Nowadays, there is so much sophisticated gadget produced by many vendors around the world. Apple is one of an amazing phone. One of nice gadgets from Apple is iPhone XR. You can find so many features in this gadget. For example, you can use share location features to tell your friends where you are. It is easy to do how to share your location on iPhone XR. Follow the way on how to share location on iPhone XR below.

Steps to Share Your Location on iPhone XR

Family managers allow you to manage location sharing in the Family Sharing settings. After location sharing is enabled, the manager’s location is automatically shared with everyone in the family group. Then, each family member can choose to share their location or not.

share location on iphone xr

If you agree to share, your family members see your location in Find My Friends and Messages. Then you can see their location. In addition, by enabling location sharing, if your device is lost or stolen, you can ask family members to use Search My iPhone to help find the location and get it back.

Before doing the ways, you should set your phone first. Set by default, the device used to enter Family Sharing is a device that will share your location. If you want to share location from another device, do these ways.

  • Tap Settings> [your name].
  • Tap Family Sharing> Location Sharing.
  • Tap Share My Location> From.
  • Select the device that is the source of sharing.

If you bring your iPhone XR everywhere, you do not to be worried to meet someone. You can use the family manager application to find them. So, that’s the steps how to share location on iPhone XR.

Keep Track of Where Everybody is

If you join Family Sharing and choose to share the location with family members, they can find and secure the lost device for you. If you enable Search My iPhone on your lost device, family members can help.

  • View the location and status online or offline from your device.
  • Play sounds on a lost device to help you find it.
  • Place the device in Missing Mode if the device is set up with a passcode.
  • If you don’t share your location, family members cannot access location information about your device. Your family members can still help you without knowing your location. They can check the status of your device online or offline, play sounds on the device, or place the device in Missing Mode.

So, do not need to be worried if you want to find someone everywhere. Bring your iPhone XR and do the steps how to share location on iPhone XR to find them.

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