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How to Turn Off iPhone XR Simply and Easily [Tutorial]

The iPhone XR is one of the newest versions of iPhone that has a different way to turn it off. Many people feel confused to turn this phone. If you have this new iPhone version, and then you are also confused to turn it, don’t be worried. You can learn how to turn off iPhone XR here. There the easy ways for operating this phone so you will not get the difficulties.

Steps to Turn Off iPhone XR

This amazing phone has a special way to turn it off. This is because iPhone XR does not only depend on the power on and off button. You must use the combination of two buttons in the iPhone XR to turn it off. So, let’s follow the steps to turn off your iPhone XR in the right way. There are two ways that available for you, the first one follows:

turn off iphone xr

  • Please press and also hold the Side Button and either Volume Button. It should be until in the screen appearing the notification of “slide to power off” slider. It is a good way to avoid doing some accidental screenshots. So, it is advisable for you to use the volume down button.
  • The second one, you should wait until the screen changes. Then, you can slide the top side to the right of the slider in order to turn off the iPhone XR.
  • Well, your iPhone now is on the off condition.

There is also another way for shutting down the iPhone XR that have many menu programs. The procedure is very simple; although it is not straightforward. You can use this method without using the side button. Please follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, open the setting application of your iPhone XR.
  • And then tap on the general option that appears on the screen.
  • Next, please scroll down the screen and after that click on the shutdown option.

The change of the way to turn off the iPhone XR maybe makes you uncomfortable at first. It is because you have a different long familiar behavior and it is hard to erase it in your daily activity. The latest way to shut down the iPhone XR is not difficult. However; some people need enough time to make it as their new behavior and feel comfortable with it.

Actually, to turn off iPhone XR is very simple. But your behavior to do the turn off activity by using the turn off button must be changed. Remember that there is a new different way. So, let’s choose the one that you think the simplest and easier than the other one.

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