use animoji and emoji on iphone xr

How to Create and Use Animoji and Emoji on iPhone XR

iPhone XR is one of the best Smartphone which used by many people in this era. There are many amazing functions of this phone so that you can use it for your daily. One of nice thing you can use is animoji and emoji. You can get much happiness with this feature. Do you know how to use animoji and emoji on iPhone XR? If you have this gadget, you should to learn about the way to use it. So, how do to used and create animoji and emoji on iPhone XR?

use animoji and emoji on iphone xr

This is the way How to Use Animoji and Emoji on iPhone XR

Animoji is a new feature on the iPhone X that uses True Depth Camera to recognize the user’s face and imitate it into various Emoji characters. The Make Mac team wants to share basic guidelines for using Animoji that you should know if you are already using an iPhone XR? This feature is an application in Messages that uses True Depth Camera to mimic facial expressions. Here’s a complete guide to create and send Animoji:

  • iphone xr animojiOpen Messages on iPhone XR. Choose the wrong conversation that you have done or made new. Make sure the recipient of the message uses iMessage, the sign is the send message button with a blue icon.
  • Choose an Animoji (monkey character icon), then look into your iPhone and place your face inside the frame. The left side to select various Emojis supported by Animoji and the bottom center for a preview of the Animoji that you will record.
  • Point your face in front of the iPhone XR and try to make some expressions so that Animoji can fully recognize.
  • Press the red icon at the bottom right to start recording Animoji’s video and end with the same icon. In addition to recording facial expressions, Animoji also records the user’s voice.
  • Finish; please send Animoji that you have made by pressing the arrow icon towards the top.

So, it is very easy to use animoji and emoji on iPhone XR right? You do not need to afraid that you cannot do the process. All the steps above is easy to be understand for newbie also.

Using iPhone XR is not complete without using Animoji and Memoji features. Now, you can express your ability to use this features and share your result to your friends. Those all are the steps on how to use animoji and memoji on iPhone XR. Try it now.

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