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How to Use Portrait Mode on the iPhone XR Front Camera

Not only women but also men like to do an adventure with their camera. They like to edit their images before they upload it on the social media. Seemly, the iPhone XR will make your editing skill more challenging. Moreover, it comes with the portrait mode on the front camera. Do you know how to use iPhone XR front camera for portrait mode? Actually, the usage of the mode is not too different from the other iPhone X series. You perhaps had ever read about how to use portrait mode on iPhone XS and XS Max. Okay, let’s see whether it is similar or not.

How to use Portrait Mode on the iPhone XR front Camera for the Beginners

The iPhone XR is the new communication device which releases on this October. Of course, it will be something new from most people.  In fact, using the portrait mode on the iPhone XR is simple and too different to the other X series and the iPhone 8. To use the mode, you only need to take the image and later the iPhone will take care of it for you. This mode really eases you only with slide it. You can use several modes such as panorama, square, and slow-motion video.

iphone xr front camera

In case you want to the camera always open to the portrait mode, you must set it. Set the camera through the icon “Setting”. Further, you merely select the” Maintain Settings“.  Next, activate the switch to maintain the camera mode. In addition, the portrait mode is able to selfie because the front camera can make your 3D face. You quite take the selfie and the camera will accentuate your face and blur the background. Seemly, the portrait lighting from the dual lens camera really works well to create the luxury 3D view.

Well, that is how to use Portrait Mode on your iPhone XR front camera. The information above is certainly very useful for everyone because not all new products have the same portrait mode. Such as you know, the iPhone XR will be the most modern device at the end of the year. It implies you can use the new camera to capture everything new in the future. You can start your new life, adventure, and the new days with the sophisticated gadget.

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