use smart hdr on iphone xr

How to Use Smart HDR on iPhone XR to Result from an Awesome Image

The camera becomes the most essential thing for people who hold a smartphone. It does not even matter what type of cell phone they have. The camera has changed the early function of the phone become more useful. One of them is to take a picture both selfie and groufie. The latest product is the iPhone XR series with a smart HDR camera. What is Smart HDR and how to use smart HDR on iPhone XR camera? Well, let’s reveal the smart HDR camera together.

Smart HDR and How to Use Smart HDR on iPhone XR Camera

The iPhone XR is the last X series from Apple after the iPhone XS and XS Max. From those series, the XR type comes different with low cost and some features. Although the price is cheaper than the previous devices, it keeps ready to give you the current satisfaction. It is because the device applies the smart HDR camera with the rear camera 12MP and 7MP TrueDepth front camera.

use smart hdr on iphone xr

Sometimes, people do not care about the composition of the camera on a device. They just know that the iPhone or the phone has good quality. However, you should perceive the HDR camera right now. So, you understand the use of the camera and do not feel disadvantageous buying the iPhone. The smart HDR or High Dynamic Range mode is the new technology which helps you to take an image better. It takes the picture with the better shadow, color, and the highlight.

Steps to Enabling Automatic HDR on Your iPhone XR

enable smart hdr on iphone xrThe Smart HDR works by capturing the 4-frame buffer between the images. Besides that, it also captures secondary images at dissimilar exposures.  Afterward, the camera combines all images to make an optimized image. It implies all colors, shadows, and highlights in the image will be much better. So, how to use the camera with smart High Dynamic Range more?

To use the Smart HDR on your iPhone XR is simple, just make sure HDR is enabled in the on-screen menu, choose your subject, and take a picture. Your iPhone does the heavy lifting. Below the steps.

  • Open the stock Settings app on your iPhone XR.
  • Go to the Camera section.
  • Toggle on the Automatic HDR option.

Apparently, to use smart HDR on iPhone XR is not difficult. You quite activate the HDR on the screen menu. Then, select the subject and take the picture. Wow, it is easy, isn’t it? Now, you do not need to think twice again to take the iPhone.

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